Senior Thesis in Applied Mathematics

An Examination of Timeout Value, Strategy, and Momentum in NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball

Yale Daily News

A complete list of my “BY THE NUMBERS” sports column in the Yale Daily News.

Yale Sports Analytics

A list of sports analytics projected completed while in the Yale Undergraduate Sports Analytics Group

Mid Major Madness

A complete list of my articles for

A Bayesian Examination of Win Probability and Timeout Usage in NCAA Men’s Basketball

Final poster for BIS 567 Baysian Statistics (Fall 2018).

Weighting Schema for Regression Based Ratings and Predictions in Australian Rules Football

Examination of several weight functions for AFL ratings model.


An R package for working with NCAA Basketball Play-by-Play Data


Presentations from NIST Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Section 2 Basketball Assist Networks

An R Shiny Application for rending high school basketball assist networks.

FiveThirtyEight Riddlers

A list of solutions to FiveThirtyEight Riddlers

NCAA Assist Network App

R Shiny Application for NCAA Basketball Assist Networks

Ivy League TiebreakR

R Shiny Application for Ivy League Basketball Tiebreaks

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Presented at Society for Neuro-Oncology Annual Scientific Meeting, New Orleans